Thursday, December 19, 2013

Revlon - Wintermint

I work at CVS, and when nail polish goes on sale, I buy it.  I got two of the new Parfumerie polishes from Revlon.  The first one I wore is called Wintermint, and it smells like a nice, sweet peppermint.  I couldn't stop sniffing my nails!

These pictures were among the ones in my last post that were corrupted files, so I only have a few.

Wintermint is has a very frosty finish.  It's a light aqua with tiny, darker aqua glitters.  It has silver micro glitter as well.  

Here is a close up of one nail.  You can see all of the various types of glitter.  I put one coat of topcoat, but it could have used two since it was a little gritty.  Wintermint was really easy to apply, and went on with no issues.  It lasted almost a week with minor tip wear.

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