Sunday, December 1, 2013

Liquid Afterglow Lacquer - Oddviously Vintage

Oddviously Vintage is a polish like I've never seen.  It's a clear base with pastel glitters -- round, light yellow circles, and blue/yellow/pink squares/hexes.  They're also kind of metallic.  And it's AWESOME.

The polish settled in the bottle (mostly the circle glitters) so it required a good shake and roll.

This is two, semi-thick coats.  It didn't require much pushing around/glitter placement on the nail, and despite the thick coats, it went on smoothly.

I love how every glitter reflects the light in a different way.

The base color is two thin coats of Funky Fingers Mrs. Mint, a light turquoise with gold micro shimmer.  I thought it would go really well with the pastel glitters!

As you can see, the polish is PACKED with glitter.

I can't wait to try it over other colors -- deep purple, black, a dark grey?
Oddviously Vintage is available from Liquid Afterglow Lacquer!

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