Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Liquid Sky Lacquer - Great White

Let me just start by saying that Great White Sharks are probably my favorite animal of all time.  They are beautiful, majestic animals that are a huge part of watery ecosystems all over the world.  If I could, I would have my life's work be in shark conservation, because it's WAY more important than a lot of people think it is.  That being said, this polish, fittingly called Great White, is something I had to own.

Great White is a blue-ish grey base with turquoisey shimmer containing shards of white, black and smaller silver glitters.  It's definitely oceany, and very reminiscent of the shiny skin of a shark.

The white flecks make me think of shark fins popping out above the water.

Here's a bottle shot, though a bit blurry.  You can see the white shards, the black/silver hexes.

Unfortunately, the files became corrupted and I had grey boxes covering up half of the pictures, so these three are all I have.  Next time I wear it, I will add more pictures to the mix.  Great White is available from Liquid Sky Lacquer.

 If anyone wants to know anything about the Great White Shark, and how you can contribute to conservation efforts, here are a few links that could be of use:

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