Sunday, September 1, 2013

Claire's - Flashing Lights

It's been a while since I've posted, but August was such a busy month!  I went on vacation and have been working a LOT before school starts again and I can't work as much.  Here is one manicure I did while I was on vacation in good old New Hampshire.

A polish I got from Claire's called Flashing Lights.  It has lots of different sizes and shapes of blue and white glitters.  This is two coats over another light blue Claire's polish (I couldn't find a name on the bottle -- it came in a little box set.)

Here it is in some terrible lighting, but you can really see how packed full of glitters the bottle is.

With a flash! I adore the blue I used as a base.  It looks pastel in the bottle but when it's on and in certain lights it is SO BRIGHT.

Here is Flashing Lights (and blue base color) in direct sunlight.

Here it is through in sunlight through a window.  (I was just trying to work the angles.)

Lastly, here is a large picture of a close-up.  You can really see all the shapes of the blue, the white hexes and little tiny clear/iridescent (perhaps clear-idescent is a good word to describe them).

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