Monday, July 22, 2013

Glitter and Sparkles!

I started with two coats of this really awesome Funky Fingers polish called Jawbreaker.  

As you can see, it's a milky-purple base (sort of crelly-ish, I believe) with tons of different glitters, including hex, square, bar and tiny round ones.  The colors consist of red, light purple, dark purple, turquoise, blue and yellow.  Some are metallic-y, while others are more matte.

I put little gold dots (Funky Fingers Golden Coast) over the top to make it more, you know, over the top.

I couldn't get a decent picture of this gold, but it's super sparkly gold glitter with other holo glitters mixed in.

Here's what it looked like in the shade.

This one is just to show all the different glitters!

And here they are, shining in the sun.

Sometimes with glitter polishes/cheaper brands (these are 3/$5 at Five Below) they only last a day or so on me, even if I use a great base/top coat, but I've had this mani on for four days (two of which I was working -- usually my polish flies off of my nails at work) with only minor tip wear.  Awesome!


  1. I really love jawbreaker on its own! Reminds me of like a cupcake with sprinkles super cute!

    1. I love it alone as well. I'm pretty sure I left my other hand empty of gold spots to let Jawbreaker do its sparkly magic! :D