Thursday, April 18, 2013

Two Halloween Manicures.

Holiday manicures are fun!  Last October, I did two different ones around Halloween because, let me tell you, I LOVE Halloween!

The first one was inspired by witchy colors -- purple, lime green and gold.

I used an Ultra Pro color, which is probably my favorite deep purple nail polish.  It's sort of on the blue side, and I like that.

Funky Fingers Golden Coast made a fun glitter gradient for the accent nail.

I also used China Glaze In The Lime Light (it's my favorite lime green, okay?!).

 The next manicure is more Halloween colors as we see them in the store.

I used a polish I got from Claire's (I love their glitter polishes, they're always great) over white tips.  I added a thin black line to make it look a liiiiittle bit neater.

I like the bar glitters in this.  I also wish that I had a color like that when I was in high school -- our school colors were black and orange, and it would have made for great spirit week nails.

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