Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Liquid Glam Lacquer - Pucker

Pucker reminds me of a sour jawbreaker or something like that.

Pucker is a yellow-green base with blue, green and yellow hex glitters.

I did two coats on the thinner side (if I went thick, it got a little gloopy).  It's still a bit see-through, but better that than super thick!

It stayed on for a few days without chipping.  I think Liquid Glam Lacquer polishes don't like my base coat or something.  They chip so quickly on me, but the uniqueness of the polishes are worth the extra effort.

Here's one in the shade.  It looks like a completely different color, almost pastel.

I just wanted to post this one because my nails that day matched the jeans I was wearing!

You can get Pucker (and other fabulous polishes) from Liquid Glam Lacquer.  I hope they match your pants, too!

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