Thursday, December 5, 2013

Euphoric Lacquer - Senter of the Universe

 Here I have my very first Euphoric Lacquer nail polish!  It's called Senter of the Universe, which was named after @senteroftheuniverse_nails on Instagram.  (If you don't follow Blair, you really should -- she has awesome nail art and great swatches.)

It is a vibrant purple crelly with lots of glitter (large circles, large and small holo hexes, holo bar glitters).

I did two thin coats.  It spread evenly over my nail and was not gloopy, despite all the glitter.

Putting on this polish did not require any glitter-fishing; there were always plenty on the brush.

I like how, depending on the angle of the light, the glitters look silver or different shades of purple.  It definitely adds dimension to the polish!

Here is a close up from the bottle.  Look at all of the sparkly glitters!

You can buy Senter of the Universe (and other lovely polishes) from Euphoric Lacquer (the shop is closed at this very moment since she just had surgery).

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