Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cosmically... awesome!

Today I'm posting about another Emily de Molly polish that I'm sure everyone and their mother has heard of: Cosmic Forces!

Cosmic Forces is a deep purple jelly with purple and holographic glitters.  There are both circle and hex glitters in multiple sizes.

I swear it looks so different at every angle.  Sometimes, the round glitters are easy to see, but other times they're buried in the depths of the polish.

It was incredibly sparkly!

It looks a bit more blue here than it does in real life.

At certain angles it was this really great blackened purple color.

A close up of the bottle so you can see all of the sizes/shapes/colors of the glitter!

One more close up, just for good measure.

Cosmic Forces lasted on me for about a week, with minor tip wear.  For such a glitter-heavy polish, that is great!  I got mine from Llarowe for $13 (US).

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