Monday, September 16, 2013

Oceanic Forces

Recently, I was lucky enough to buy all three of Emily de Molly's popular polishes -- Cosmic Forces, Dark Forces and Oceanic Forces.  I was super excited to try them all out, but I could only pick one!  So here is Oceanic Forces, a deep turquoise jelly with tons of glitters.

Look at those big, round, holographic glitters!  They're swimming in the jelly.

I did two coats.

I didn't even have to do any digging to get all the types of glitter!

Unfortunately, the sun wasn't out on any of the days I wore this (which was AT LEAST five days).

I love how at some angles the circles are visible, and other angles they are completely hidden in the blue.

Overall, Oceanic Forces was easy to apply and was nearly opaque in two coats (it's a jelly -- that's amazing!).  The wear time was great as well, and barely chipped even after working.


  1. This is so gorgeous! Glad to hear it wore well too

    1. Yes! I was very excited about the wear time, especially for a glittery polish.. I just finished trying out Dark Forces and Cosmic Forces, and they wore well, too. I'll have the post up for those two within the next week. (: