Monday, September 30, 2013

Emily de Molly - Dark Forces!

I finally got a chance to wear Dark Forces, a black jelly polish with lots of different shaped holographic glitters.  I love the way the glitters swim in the jelly!

You can thank work for my stump-nail.  I broke it one day, then again a few days later.

Here it is in direct sunlight.  Look how the round glitters reflect light!

Dark Forces in indirect sunlight.  Even here the glitters are so shiny and pretty.

I did three fairly thin coats.

It was almost opaque in two coats, but in certain light and at certain angles, I could still see my nail.

Look at it glisten in the bottle!  It made rainbows on my hand.

Just a few close ups of the bottle/my nail to show the depth of the polish!

Dark Forces was $13(US) on Llarowe.  I love it!

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