Thursday, June 13, 2013

June Nail Art Challenge - June 8th - Ocean Nails

Excuse this for being five days late, but I've been working every day and haven't had time to post anything!

So for my Ocean-inspired nails, I did waves in the style of a French Manicure.

I did the design with a toothpick, because I couldn't find my tiny brush.  I outlined the shape of a wave then filled it in.

Next, I took a separate toothpick and did lines of white.  While doing this, I dug a little into the original blue to create a texture.

Lastly I did the sparkles with the opposite end of the toothpick, also digging in.  It made it have this great texture that really resembled water flowing.

I apologize for my stained nails -- I used a base coat that didn't agree with me on a day that I wore lime green polish!

I apparently took a super high-def picture, which amplifies the dry-ness of both my cuticles and skin in general.

My left thumb definitely came out the best; it is the perfect wave shape!  I hope you can also see the texture a bit better from this close-up.

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